Striker was a Jedi Knight. He later became the nemisis to the turncoat Jedi Hellfire. Striker battled Hellfire across the Galaxy. Eventually he was killed in battle by his arch enemy, even as he fatally wounded the Sith Lord. He had a purple lightsaber.

Early LifeEdit

"He grew up in the Jedi temple, trained under master Yoda, all of that jazz" "Impressive" Hellfire and Lord Kraken discuss Striker.

This is about all that is know of Striker's early life, we first meet him locked in combat with Hellfire.

Rivelry with HellfireEdit

Striker is first seen locked in fearsome combat with Hellfire, Although they used there lightsabers at first. Hellfire quickly blasted the ground with a Lightning Spike. Striker caught a beam on the way down and managed to survive. He then battled Hellfire across the galaxy, Including on the planet Earth. Striker was locked in his Jedi Fighter defending the Jedi space station when he was caught by the overspill from Hellfire's ship, Hellcannon's Cutter Blaster, both of them landed on an unknown planet and begun their final battle.


On this planet, Hellfire engaged Striker in a Lightsaber fight. Once again Hellfire switched to a large cannon and opened fire on Striker, When Striker tried to block a blast his lightsaber was destroyed. He did manage to get the cannon off Helfire and fight him hand to and hand and use the force. Striker was soon overwhelmed by Hellfire's force lighting, but survived by dropping a rock on his opponents head. Hellfire drew a hand held blaster that fired purple energy, and grievously wounded Striker, Striker made on last attempt, and lept forword using the force, grabbed Hellfires own Lightsaber and mortality slashed Helfire with its blue blade. As Hellfire fell, Striker died.

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