Old Wounds is a comic featured in the Star Wars Visionaries. This comic features Darth Maul's survival and second duel with Obi Wan.


In this comic Darth Maul was bionic legs. He seeks Obi Wan to avenge his defeat in Naboo. He finds Obi Wan in Lars homestead. At the beginning he is met by Owen Lars whom he easily disarms. Obi Wan surprises Maul by leaping from a covered with sand hide. Obi Wan and Darth Maul duel and at the end Obi Wan catches Maul off guard and makes stop by threatening Maul. Owen rises and shoots darth Maul's head and the head explodes. Now darth Maul dies on Tatooine. Kenobi takes the body and burns in to the Dune Sea but before he can do so Owen sends him away in order to protect Luke. Obi Wan says to Luke that he will be there even if Luke cannot see him.

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