Lord Krakern was an ancient Sith Lord. He took the Jedi turncoar Hellfire as his aprentence. Hellfire built the Kraken Blade A massive warship cappable of intergrating Lord Kraken into itself and transforming into a huge war mech robot form. Kraken weilded a red lightsaber with a very regal looking hilt, but he only used this on rare occasions.

Early lifeEdit

All that is known is that he killed eveyone in the Jedi temple. This indicates he predates Yoda.

Encounter with HellfireEdit

When Hellfire turned to the dark side, Lord Kraken steped out of the darkness and activated his lightsaber. He overwhelmed Hellfire and showed him more power. Then took Hellfire as his aprentence. Because of Hellfires knowlage of weaponery Kraken studdied some weapon plans by Hellfire. He found a plan that was to create ships that transformed into war mechs. Kraken orderd Hellfire to upscale and beguin making a war mech for him, Hellfire thus created the Kraken Blade a VERY BIG warship. It was where Kraken and Hellfire made most of their plans. In the battle for the jedi station, Kraken went "Full Transform" and was intergrated into his warship, which then transformed into a robot shape. Then he used the mech's primery weapon the Kraken Cannon to wipe out most of the Jedi fleat. Then he turned the cannon on the jedi station, sevealy weakening it, enough for Hellfire to destroy it with and overcharged blast from the Hellcannon to destroy it. When Hellfire died, Lord Kraken retreated in the Kraken Blade.

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