Johnny was a very invompetent jedi. He had a brown lightsaber (the only one known to exist. He was constantly rediucled for it. Because of his incompetence he was used as the gunnia pig for the first jedi transformeabel war wech

As pilotEdit

Johnny first went full transform during a training exersice. Because he had failed to perform basic checks, the mech stalled mid transform, and Johnny had to cut himself out.

Battle with Lord KrakenEdit

Johnny foolishly went to fight against Lord Kraken with his new war mech cruiser, the ''Johny-juice'' Johny activated full transform and engaged the Kraken Blade with his mech's primery weapon, the Janneate slice (named after his mother) however gun turrents on the Kraken Blade disabled Johnnys ship and destroyed it, killing Johny, who was merged with his ship.

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