Full Transform was a imperitive fuction on the new battle mechs desinend by the jedit turned sith Hellfire. The process is activated by shouting "FULL TRANSFORM", the pilot of the mech is then encased in a suit of armour (reflecting their personality) and wires attach. The mech and pilot then literaly merge into one entity, the pilots organic form being stashed away in a special compartment.

First encounterEdit

At the Battle for the Jedi station Lord Kraken's personal flagship, the Kraken Blade entered the warzone. The jedi used earlier mech's in this fight, and the Sith lord just laughed at them and went full transform. The Kraken Blade transformed and wiped out the entire Jedi Mech Fleat. Lord Kraken's armour had a sharp and deadly design. It was red, gold and black.

Use by the JediEdit

Smaller versions of theese mech's were built by the Jedi, so that Jedi starfighters could use the Full Transform. The gunnia pig for this was Johnny. Because of his own incompetence, Johnny failed the first Full Transform, but later built his own mech, the Johnny-juice Johnnys armour had a smooth design, with gaps, relfecting his incompetence.

Later useEdit

The mech's are currently in wide use among Jedi and Sith, none however manage to come close to the power or size of the Kraken Blade

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